Untangle and Simplify Your Golf Travels

For the casual to the competitive golfer, routine is an important part of the game. We are members or regulars at the same course, stock up on the same style ball, and fit our clubs to the exact specifications we need. These are matters of comfort and we play our best when everything feels just right.

As any avid golfer will attest, traveling to new courses is part of the fever the sport induces. Whether that travel is for business or pleasure, hitting the links in a new place is a distinct pleasure. However, that pleasure comes with certain inconveniences: Traveling with clubs brings about the hassle of enormous package fees, risk of damage or loss, and the burden of shouldering yet another heavy luggage item through a crowded airport; Even shipping in advance can be a hefty price to pay; Renting clubs leaves you at the mercy of whatever the local golf course has available. Any of these irregularities can negatively affect the way we play, which makes playing 18 a lot less fun than it typically can be.

Enter Golfstiks; On-Demand Golf Clubs

Golfstiks is a forward-thinking company geared at keeping its golf-crazy customers appropriately geared up for their round wherever it is being played. Find the exact make, model, and fit that you use at your home course in any city you visit. Plus, our unlimited inventory is stocked by other golfers, so you never have to worry about quality and selection. You’ll be renting from other golfers and, for vendors, renting to golfers who will treat the equipment as they would their own.

Gone are the excess shipping fees. Gone are the days of mid-flight anxiety about the state of your prized new driver. Gone are the days of lugging your golf bag through a busy terminal at 6 a.m.

With Golfstiks, the exact clubs you need to impress your co-workers, buddies, or total strangers with your long drives and expert putting will be waiting for you at your hotel or golf course.  For new golfers and local players who wish buy or change clubs, you now have plethora of selection to test drive before purchasing a new set.

Sign up on www.golfstiks.com or download the app from App store or Google Play.



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