Can I Play Golf Without Buying Golf Clubs?

“This unknown comes out of nowhere to lead the pack. He’s on his final hole. He’s about 455 yards away. He’s going to hit about a 2-iron, I think.”

Who carries a two-iron?

Let’s say you have never played golf but want to join your friends for a round on the weekend. Great! Your friends reserve a tee time, and you agree to meet them at the course.

You’ve never golfed before, so you don’t own a set of golf clubs. You’re pretty sure this will be your next hobby, so you might as well invest a little.

While shopping, you discover a new set of golf clubs, plus a golf bag, will cost $1,000 or more. Even for a starter set, you are going to have to spend $300. You remember the rowing machine you bought last year and the elliptical the year before – and used only once! Why would you buy golf clubs when you haven’t even been on a golf course? You don’t want to buy an expensive set of golf clubs, use them once, and store them with all the other sport and exercise equipment you no longer use.

When you check-in at the clubhouse, you learn that everyone must carry a set of clubs. You thought maybe your friends would let you use a few of their golf clubs since this is your first outing.

No worries. The clubhouse will rent you a set.

The cost of a round of golf is reasonably priced. The cost of the rental clubs is not! Why are golf course rental clubs so expensive? You are only going to use them for a short time. You don’t even know which clubs you need, but you’re required to rent the whole set. When you add the high cost of the rental clubs to the green fees, you’re asking yourself, “Is an afternoon of golf really worth the cost?”

There must be a better way….Wait for it!!

Let’s jump ahead a few years. You’re now a casual golfer. You can’t go a week without golfing, weather permitting.

Your work takes you to Phoenix in January. While there, you find yourself with some extra time and decide to play a round at a golf course nearby. You check if they rent clubs, which they do. You head over, excited to get back on the course.

You get to the course and rent a set of clubs. The selection was slim, and you end up with clubs from different brands, some you don’t even recognize. It could have been worse. You could have arrived to find all their rental sets were in use.

You struggle with a few of the rental clubs and end with a score you’d like to forget. You leave disappointed.

There is a better way….

What if you could rent golf clubs before you arrive at the clubhouse? You wouldn’t have to pay the expensive golf course rental fees, you could select the clubs you need, and you’ll know their condition and quality before you rent. You get what you want, all while spending within your budget.

How nice would that be?

On-demand, peer-2-peer golf clubs sharing and rental marketplace like Golfstiks. Bringing the convenience of P2P sharing service to the golf industry, you now have a seemingly endless selection of clubs – anytime, anywhere. Whether golfing for the first time or taking in a round while traveling, you can rent what you want, when you need it.

Golf is known as a gentleman’s sport. On-demand club sharing service adds a new way for golfers to better their sport. I’m a golfer. I own a set of golf clubs that I am not currently using. Now, I can share my clubs with fellow golfers and help improve their golf experience.

I love golf and want others to enjoy the sport as much as I do. Club sharing service opens the door for golfers to help grow the sport. You are creating a better experience for new and casual golfers. The next time I am traveling, I can enjoy a round of golf without taking or shipping my clubs.

Making my golf clubs available to rent through a club sharing platform like will not only help others, but I benefit as well. My clubs were expensive. A return on my investment, no matter how small, is welcomed – especially during the economic climate of our time.

With a great sharing community, together we can help grow the game by simply sharing our clubs and making golf easily accessible to millions who aspire to play this beautiful game.

Who carries a two-iron? Now, anyone can.

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